Fast and maneuverable 
Inflatable kayak for 1 or 2 paddlers
Just enjoy paddling and traveling!
The construction with high-pressure drop stitch bottom with double protection makes your journeys safe and pleasant
Details and Features
Good for

  • 1-2 person daily trips with low load

  • 1 person multi days trips with a bigger cargo

  • fishing, due to smaller size this inflatable kayak easy to drive
Comfortable seat
The inflatable seat, made from TPU fabric, is 11 cm in height.

Seats reinstallation takes minimum time and effort – you just need to put the seat in the right place and fasten it to the sides of the boat (YKK fittings are used).
Additional fittings
  1. There are fittings for installing the spray deck:
• the hidden velcro on the nose and stern
• the pvc triangle fittings on the side tubes

2. You will find the pocket on the bottom for installing the alu skeg for better stability on way

3. The velcro fitting on the side tube will hold your paddle during a moment of rest

Gallery with Alpha-Z 370 kayak
High-pressure floor (Drop Stitch Technology) with inflatable stems at nose and stern provides great speed and stability
Technical characteristics of Alpha-Z 370 kayak
Even though it is most suitable for calm waters it is durable enough to withstand sharp rocks and fallen trees
Alpha-Z 370
Let your journey begin!
Number of seats
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