Fast and maneuverable 
Inflatable kayak for 1 or 2 paddlers
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Just enjoy paddling and traveling!
Your trip will be pleasant and safe. The kayak with high pressure bottom has excellent rigidity and preat performance. And the double bottom protection gives you more maneuverability and freedom of action.
Details and Features
Great for

  • 2 persons multi days trips with the needed luggage

  • solo kayak for expeditions

  • 3 persons daily trips with low load (the second seat is not in set)
Best for sea kayaking
The side tubes with internal partition are high enough to protect from waves. At the same time the kayak is stable and goes straight due to construction with inflatable frame 
Additional fittings
  1. There are fittings for adding the foot rest or the pedals (in Set with rudder kit, if ordered)

2. Fittings for installing the spray deck:
• the hidden velcro on the nose and stern
• the pvc triangle fittings on the side tubes

3. You will find the pocket on the bottom for installing the alu skeg for better stability on way

4. The velcro fitting on the side tube will hold your paddle during a moment of rest

Spark 450 kayak Gallery
High-pressure floor (Drop Stitch Technology) with inflatable stems at nose and stern provides great speed and stability
Technical characteristics of Spark 450 model
Even though it is most suitable for calm water it is durable enough to withstand sharp rocks and fallen trees
Spark 450
Let your journey begin!
1 570
Number of seats
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